100 days of productivity | intro

Hello friends, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday! This post is going to be quite short and non-book related (kind of).
Today is my last day of freedom, a.k.a, the last day of my break from uni. Classes start tomorrow and my schedule is a bit dull this semester. However, I plan on being productive and motivated throughout the semester and make the most of it. I intend on having a good GPA after I graduate and this is my last effort. 
In order to be more productive every day, I decided to join the 100 Days of Productivity that has been going around the studyblr* community. I wanted to do this challenge last semester, but I found out about it a bit late and I didn't have enough days left of the semester to do this (because we all know I'm not productive during my breaks). However, productivity is not just about studying for university. I find that you can be productive if you're doing something that makes you grow or makes you happy or keeps you busy (studying, reading, baking, cleaning, and so on). 
Most of my 100 days of productivity will consist of studying, but maybe I'll do something productive that doesn't have anything to do with studying. I will upload my progress on weekly posts where I'll post the pictures I took during those days.
Hopefully this will keep me inspired, motivated and productive during my last semester. I will also be posting the pictures on my studyblr.

*studyblr - a tumblr community where people motivate, help and inspire each other to study. Here's mine.

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