top ten historical settings you love

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Today's topic is all about historical settings. Since my books aren't really that diverse when it comes to historical time periods, I'm going to mention a few that I love in general and that I would love to read (more) about. Without further ado, here are my favourite historical settings (these are not in chronological order):

1. Cold War
Probably my favourite time period ever and I love everything related to it. I LOVE learning about the Cold War (seriously, I look like a full-on nerd during classes, but I don't really care), I love reading about it, whether it's a work of fiction or non-fiction. I also love movies and tv shows (The Americans- go watch it, go go!) set during the Cold War. Sadly I haven't read many books set in this time period so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

1. Arthurian Period
Who doesn't love some Arthurian Legends? My love for Arthur and Merlin has been a constant thing in my life and, even though I haven't ventured in many books with this setting, I've always wanted to read more about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. If you have some recommendations, leave them in the comments. I feel like there are so many books set during the Arthurian period and so many Arthurian retellings that I don't know which ones to choose.

3. The Renaissance (in general)
 Mary Queen of Scots!!!! The Medici Family!!! The Black Death!! I need books about this time period, asap.

4. World War II
World War II is probably one of the most famous and fascinating time periods written in historical fiction novels. The thing I love the most is how authors can write such beautiful stories about WWII and still be so distinct and unique. Love me some WWII historical fiction (Fact: most of my historical fiction books are set during this time period).

5. Ancient Greece

6. Jacobite Era
I had to include this era because of Outlander, of course. I still need to finish the book but the tv show is killing me! Can we have the second season, like, right now? Thank you! (recommend me some other books set during this time period, will you?)

7. Imperial China
I'm not much of an Imperial China connoisseur, but I've always wanted to know more about it (and visit the Great Wall of China! Definitely on my to-go list).

8. Viking Age
 Who doesn't love Vikings? Seriously...

9. Victorian England
I wasn't going to include Victorian England but then I remembered Sherlock Holmes and those awesome Doctor Who episodes (this post suddenly became all about tv shows... Oops).

10. 1800's Russia
I've always been very interested in 1800's Russia (or the Russian history in general), but Leigh Bardugo's beautiful books have sparked a higher interest in this time period for me (it must have been all that talk about keftas).

What are your favourite time periods? Let me know in the comments!

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