I am back // reading, japan and more

Hello friends! I'm back (hopefully)!! 😺 (and blogger has emojis now, a lot has changed)

In 2017 I want to regularly update this blog. Since I sometimes am busy with university and other real life things, I'm left with almost no time to read or to actually finish a book, so this blog tends to be sort of abandoned. BUT during the next year, I plan on writing more here and not only about books (that way it is constantly updated) but also about university, life, tv, movies and other general things. Nevertheless, this blog will always be mainly about books. I hope that's okay with you, guys.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, I believe I have to update you on what I've been doing during these past 4 months. I did not read much - that's pretty obvious. Since I finished Queen of Shadows, I was left in a major book slump and I have only managed to finish one book... ONE BOOK!!! What is happening to me? Wait... It gets worse: It took me 2 months to read that book. In my defence, I can't pick up other books while I'm already reading one, so that's also a reason why there aren't more books on my 4 month wrap-up.

During these months, I did a lot of new things: I spent my last month of summer break reading Queen of Shadows (it killed me), getting a tan (which has already faded) and spent a week with my dear friends, which was amazing - we had so much fun!!
In September, I went to JAPAN for a week on a exchange program organised by the Japanese Government!!! Yes, Japan - I still can't believe I was there.

After that, I started my master's degree in International Relations and I'm currently struggling to write my essays, but that's a story for another time!

Annnnd that's basically it! I want to read new books so badly, so hopefully I'll get some reading done this winter break (even though I have to read a lot for university).

Here's a list of things I loved during these past 4 months:


  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them;
  • Lost in Translation (made me miss Japan so much!);
  • Spirited Away;
  • Boys and Girls (gotta love those 2000s movies);
  • Friends With Benefits (I love Mila Kunis, I've been watching all her things)

TV Shows:

  • Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life (I never thought I would get new episodes, ever. I couldn't be more grateful)
  • Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (I finished it, I'm still heartbroken)
  • Reign (finally caught up on it)
  • That 70's Show (I'm determined to finish it soon)

(I've been going back to artists I used to love but haven't listened to for a long time)

  • Purity Ring (I seriously love this band so much)
  • Gabrielle Aplin
  • The Kooks - Junk of the Heart Album (mainly the song: Rosie)
  • Sia - The Greatest (single)
  • Gotye - Somebody that I Used to Know (I KNOW, I couldn't stop listening to this song ever since I heard it again in my friend's car).

I hope you're all well and I'll see you SOON.

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