top ten bookworm delights

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Hello friends. I hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday filled with bookish things. Speaking of bookish, today's top 10 Tuesday is about bookwork delights - things related to books and reading that make us feel happier and warms our heart. 

1- My first bookish delight is definitely the feeling I get when a new book arrives. My day might not be going so well but if a new book arrives, I get instantly happy. 

2- I've been on a huge reading slump since February and I was beginning to feel sad that I didn't feel like reading. I kept picking book after book and NOTHING. I'd feel nothing towards the book and I would eventually stop reading it. But that was until I decided to pick up Graceling - just the book I needed to make me reconcile with reading and bring me joy into my life once again. Clearly, my second bookish delight is the feeling I have when I'm reading exactly what I want/need to read!

3- Reading in the mornings, in bed, is one of my favourite things to do. I get up so much happier and I instantly feel like I'm being very productive.

4- The smell of books is one thing that probably every bookish person loves that everyone else finds weird. We don't care about what other people think, anyway.

5- Don't you just love when you take a GOOD bookstagram picture? I love it when I'm able to take the perfect instagram picture, it makes me feel so professional (kidding, not really! It just makes me feel proud of myself, hehe)

6- Fun fact: I rarely buy books from bookstores. That makes me really sad. I almost always buy my books online because my bookstores never have the books I want (those being books in english or recent releases, because I'm not from an english-speaking country). They usually have a section of english literature, but I rarely find what I'm looking for since they only have the more popular ones (a.k.a book to movie adaptations). However, there are those days when you go to a bookstore and then, as you get closer to the books, you see the exact book you're looking for and suddenly you're whole life makes sense. And that's what happens when I find the exact book I'm looking for at the bookstore.

7- U.S floppy paperbacks!!! Need I say more?

8- Reading in the summer is another bookish delight of mine, because that's when I read most of my books and I do it without worrying about university.

9- I love how a book can give me so many feels and how much it can deeply affect me and change my life. I'm so happy to say that books have changed my life in so many ways. Books have helped me get through so many sad and frustrating moments. ALL THE FEELS!!!

10-  The feeling after you've read the most amazing book ever. That feeling never gets old, man. I love it.

What are some of your favourite bookish delights? I'd love to know!


  1. Great TOP Ten!
    I also love me a good floppy paperback!
    My TTT.

    1. Thank you so much! Right? Floppy paperbacks makes our reading experience so much better!! :D

  2. Great list!
    My TTT:

  3. I think most agree on the book smell haha - Loved this post!! (feel free to check out mine @ )